Doors for VRChat Worlds

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Easily add interactive, physical doors to your VRChat worlds!

Some of the carefully crafted features:

- Easy to use

- Very configurable

- Fast and lightweight

- Ready-to-go scene with examples to help you get started

- Can be locked with keycards

- Support for custom sounds

- Double door support

Getting Started


Unity Editor 2019.4.31f1

VRChat SDK3 - Worlds Unity package

UdonSharp Unity package (Tested with v0.20.3)

CyanEmu (Optional, but useful for testing)

BEFORE importing the Doors package, you first need to import the VRChat SDK and UdonSharp (in that order) packages to your Unity (2019.4.31f1) project. Download links are provided above.

When they have finished importing to your Unity project, you can then import the Doors package to your project.

When done importing, you can check out the SampleScene scene in the Scenes folder that contains all the example doors, keycards, and keycard scanners!

Custom door tutorial



- `Hinge`: The hinge around which the door rotates.

- `Locked`: If the door starts out locked.

- `Auto Closing`: If the door automatically closes itself when not pushed.

- `Closing Speed`: How fast the door closes if Auto Closing is enabled.

- `Push With Feet`: If the door can be pushed with a player's feet.

- `Knock Sound`: Which sound the door makes when locked.

- `Close Sound`: Which sound the door makes when closed.


- `Key Permission`: Who can use this keycard to open a door? Options: Anyone, Master Only, Specific Player

Keycard Scanners

- `Target Doors`: Which doors get opened by this scanner.

- `Accepted Keys`: Which keycards work on this scanner.

- `Scan Distance`: How close a keycard must be to be scanned.

- `Lock Sound`: Which sound to play when the door locks.

- `Unlock Sound`: Which sound to play when the door unlocks.

- `Unlock Denied Sound`: Which sound to play when a keycard can't be used by a player.


If you are experiencing any problems or have trouble getting something to work, feel free to reach out to me and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


This is a paid package, be sure to read the included license terms before you get started!

Made by Markcreator.

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Doors for VRChat Worlds

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