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SkinEdit: Leggy

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SkinEdit gives people the ability to design and manage their own avatars with no experience required.

By making software that is fun and easy to use we help people to be creative and make making avatars more accessible. 

SkinEdit Leggy is a tool that helps you design your own Leggy Avatar inside Unity. No Photoshop or Substance Painter needed.

Inspired by character customization in Role Playing Video Games, it is one of the easiest ways to customize your avatar.

No need to worry about textures or files, the SkinEdit editor handles all the hard stuff for you, right inside Unity.

Choose your colors, patterns, and accessories. SkinEdit configures them on your avatar automatically so they come out looking beautiful.

SkinEdit also helps you with optimizing and uploading your avatar with near-zero effort, making the entire avatar-making process easy and painless.

Feel free to join our Discord server to participate in our community of avatar owners and get additional support!

Getting Started 


Unity Editor 2019.4.31f1 


Leggy Avatar

This product does NOT come with a copy of the Leggy Avatar. You should purchase it from the original creator. 

Step-by-step Setup 

1. To get started, follow the VRChat SDK Tutorial to set up Unity and your Unity project. It will tell you everything you need to do to set up Unity and the VRChat SDK. 

2. When Unity and your Unity project have been set up with the VRChat SDK, download the required packages listed in the Requirements. 

3. After downloading all the Requirements, import the Leggy Avatar package into your Unity project. 

4. After importing all Requirements into the Unity project, you can finish the setup by importing the provided SkinEdit Leggy.unitypackage package into your Unity project. 


After completing the setup, open the Unity scene located at Assets/SkinEdit Leggy/SkinEdit Leggy.unity in your Unity project and start customizing on your avatar! 

To open the SkinEdit editor, click/select the avatar visible in the Unity scene, and press the Open In Editor button on the right side of your screen. 

Uploading to VRChat 

When you are done customizing your avatar, you should scroll to the bottom of the SkinEdit editor and press Prepare For Upload, which will prepare your avatar for uploading to VRChat. 

After this is done, open VRChat SDK > Show Control Panel > Builder at the top of Unity. Then follow the instructions on your screen to upload your avatar. 


At this time I am only offering a personal use license. 

This means that you can use this package to create and manage your own avatars, but you cannot take or fulfill texture/avatar commissions using this package. 

If you are interested in some kind of commercial use of this technology, please contact me. You can make public/clonable avatars if the original avatar creator allows it, but the SkinEdit credits should not be removed. 

For the full license agreement, refer to the included LICENSE file. 


If you are experiencing any problems or have trouble getting something to work, feel free to reach out to me and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. 

Feel free to join our Discord server to participate in our community of avatar owners and get additional support!

Privacy Policy - License Agreement

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SkinEdit: Leggy

38 ratings
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