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Polytool For Unity

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Polytool is a Unity package that helps you with optimizing your models, right inside Unity!

It makes optimizing models quite simple for those who value a quick and easy solution. Choose a preset and go!

It was originally created to optimize VRChat avatars but works for many different optimization jobs inside Unity.

Feel free to join our Discord server to participate in our community of avatar owners and get additional support!

The avatars used in the demos are the Leggy, Rexouium, Canis, and Nardo.


  • Automatic mesh decimation/simplification (Using a highly custom version of UnityMeshSimplifier)
  • Merging both skinned and static meshes into a single mesh (automatic skinning for static meshes, too!)
  • Material merging with automatic texture atlassing
  • Automatic bone reduction and merging
  • Preserves armatures, blendshapes, animations, UVs, and skinning
  • Built-in optimization presets for specific use cases like VRChat Quest avatars
  • Preset editor to make and save your own optimization presets


  • As with any automated system, your results may vary depending on your situation. You might have to play with the settings of the different functions and be mindful of how many meshes and materials you include to hit your desired level of quality. I can recommend playing around with the trial version to see if you can get a result you are happy with.
  • I can't test every avatar that exists, so you may run into a situation that doesn't work as expected. Please report these and I'll do my best to look into it!
  • When decimating, depending on your mesh, you may have to adjust the Denominator Precision slider if you are experiencing mesh errors like triangles flying off.
  • Polytool exists as a solution for people who value convenience and ease of use or don't have the technical skills to spend hours in Blender and Unity to implement specific performance requirements. If you are already very skilled at things like mesh and material optimization, maybe Polytool isn't the best solution for you.

Getting Started 


Unity Editor (Tested with 2019.4.31f1) 

To get started, import the Polytool package into your Unity project.

To open the interface, you can access the "Polytool" tab at the top of Unity or right-clicking an object in your Unity scene and choosing "Polytool".

You can play around with the various presets and settings without worrying about your original assets. Polytool always makes copies of whatever it touches.

Some operations can take a while, so it's important to be patient with Unity and let it do its thing while it figures everything out!


At this time I am only offering a personal use license.

This means that you can use Polytool to create and manage your own personal avatars and assets, but you cannot take (free or paid) commissions using this package or include any of Polytool's generated assets in any packages (free or paid) that you distribute.

You are allowed to upload avatars generated by Polytool as public avatars onto the VRChat platform, as long as they are actually intended for public sharing.

A commercial license is not available right now. But if you have any questions about what is acceptable use, feel free to contact me!

For the full license agreement, refer to the included LICENSE file. 


If you are experiencing any problems or have trouble getting something to work, feel free to reach out to me and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Feel free to join our Discord server to participate in our community of avatar owners and get additional support!

I am open to offering a refund through Gumroad in the first 14 days if you contact me with some details about why you need one. Chargebacks are not acceptable.

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Polytool For Unity

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